Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ok so I lied

I just don't seem to have time to do anything anymore- wonder why?

I've developed pregnancy-induced headaches which are a killer- mostly I'm in bed by 9 with a hefty dose of paracetamol/codeine (like I need more constipation... codeine is such a shit drug, too: wish they'd let you get say 2mg oxycodone over the counter. That would rock). I've got one right now but I'm putting up with it to post... something.

Patrick fell out of the bath tonight- we have still been bathing him in the tiny baby bath because it uses less water and we can collect the bath water easily to use as loo flush water. We have it sitting on top of a bathroom cabinet so we don't have to stoop (or should say 'had' and 'didn't). Mr T had just turned his head to blow his nose when Pat stood up and leaned over the edge, and down he went. Huge egg on his forehead and a bloody nose, but no permanaent damage (we hope). Poor little dude! We're now saying bugger the water crisis, we're using the big bath from now on.

Here are a few recent photos- first, of Patrick at the beach: we have a good friend who lives opposite this beach which is about a 20 minute walk away from our house so we walk down on the days I'm not working and have coffee and banana bread and the boys play in the sand. He's wearing a purple hat we found laying on the sand- fantastic mother that I am I forgot his sunhat that day. Unfortunately it has '(NRL football team) POWER' on the brim which spoils it but it was such a good fit and so shady I took it home, pulled it apart and made my own. He's also wearing a new tee from etsy that I have been eyeing off for a long time- it's more than I would usually spend but it's just so cute...

I hope to get the promised posts out soon... but I know that tomorrow I'll probably be late home from work, Tuesday I'm working 0730-2100, and Wednesday I'll be packing- we're off to lovely old Hobart again, this time for MrT's grandma (so Paddy's great-grandma)'s 90th birthday. (Hooray for spending time with the in-laws... umm, woot?)
I just realised he looks like he's eating a dog turd. It's not, it's banana bread.

Better view of the beach in this one
I took this photo whilst I was hanging out the washing in our back yard- how Aussie is it to have a family of Kookaburras living in your own gum tree? About 10s after I took this, though, the bloody thing swooped me. It must be a celebrity Kookaburra. Or ASIO. Or something.

Finally, here is Patrick cleaning up Merewether beach, one paddle pop stick at a time. He was doing this for a full 15 minutes and I eventually ran out of rubbish for him to 'post'. There is a cafe above us and the locals were applauding!


Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

What a good little citizen, cleaning up the beach! :) I wish we had a beach so close to our house. Looked like a nice day.

Sorry about the pregnancy headaches and Patrick falling out of the bath.

26/10/08 12:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow - he's fast on his feet! was that in fast forward?

we've switched over to the big bath and it has made bath time easier. we only make it quite shallow compared to the baby bath, but that doesn't seem to matter to her because she can move around more and have more toys in with her.

27/10/08 04:01  

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