Tuesday, September 09, 2008

El pueblo unido jamás será vencido

I bought this t-shirt for Patrick when he was a tiny baby, and today was the first time he has worn it. I come from a long line of socialists and unionists- my father, a barrister and solicitor, was a lifelong union member even though he always worked in highly-paid executive legal roles, and refused to work when his staff were on strike in solidarity. I belong to the same union as the cleaners and orderlies. My mum voted "No Dams" in1983. We all marched in protests in Uni and high school, so I'm trying to get P in early. He was laughing his head off as I waved my fist in the air and chanted "El pueblo, unido, jamas sera vencido". He held up both his arms, but by the time we were about to go to daycare he was holding up one hand, but I just couldn't make him do a fist for me, sigh, which made him look less Marx and more Nuremburg. That must be the influence of the (conservative) other side of his family. I'll have to work on that!

The bloodwork from my first obstetrician visit is ok-ish. My Progesterone is a little low- lower limit of normal=35, mine=33. The good DrG assures me this is 'probably' fine, but now we are 9/40, this is probably ok- only Patrick has made it this far, so I'm in an 'almost relieved' frame of mind. I have booked the scary 12-week nuchal translucency test this morning, so I'm not planning on revealing anything to my work colleagues (or even my parents) 'til then. I'm also in two minds as what to do with a scan that isn't, well, reassuring- over the last two days I have met two kids with Downs' who were, in a word, adorable but I remain unconvinced I would have the patince to raise a child with a profound disability. Hmmm, heavy stuff.

Oh, and for Minnie- (and y'all who may be confused), when we take a medical history, the short hand for duration is n/7 for days, n/52 for weeks or n/12 for months- eg MrSmith has been complaining of a headache for 3/7 (=3 days) that may be as a result of his recent diagnosis of a brain tumour 7/52 (seven weeks) ago, in the setting of a 6/12(6 month) history of melanoma. However, in obstetric practice, it is common to put n/40 instead of /52 for weeks because that's, of course, the normal gestation period. Then you put the 'plus 2' or whatever, for 'plus two days'. So 27/40+5 is 27 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

And today we are 9/40 +0. Next wednesday will be double figures and, omg, a quarter of the way through. Woot!


Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

Oh, a fist in that photo would have been priceless. Toddlers and their independent minds! :)

Still glad it's going well...

10/9/08 22:21  

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