Friday, August 29, 2008

Work sucks

I've been on afternoon shift all week- five days of 1400- midnight madness. And it's been horribly busy- so busy that yesterday they cancelled all the elective (routine) surgery and only did emergency stuff. I'm so tired with the 1T stuff I could just about die but for the last three days in particular it has been so busy I don't often get to sit down until 2300. Yesterday I did a transplant list by myself for the first ever time, which was daunting but I got through it fine- my boss was in the next room so I had mental backup, and I knew she'd help me if I asked, so I had support there, but it was till very intense. The good thing is now I have a great sense of achievement... And two days off!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done!

30/8/08 02:05  

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