Friday, August 29, 2008

recent sewing photos

This is some stuff I have been sewing recently (well, over the last three months- I haven't got that much free time)- first a bunch of reversible hoodies. Super super easy- I used a s.impl.icit.y pattern (5316) which is just the one-sided affair, and then sewed a second one (the lining/reverse side) facing it and turned them out. Really not that hard but very rewarding. Once I have cut out the pieces, it takes me about an hour to sew- stretch fabric so I don't have to bother with edging or hemming much. I don't use my overlocker (serger) just my plain old machine using a very basic stretch stitch.
Since these photos were taken I've also made an apple green one with multi coloured guitars on the hood lining, and a white shaggy pile fleece one which has black and white stripes on the reverse.

My sister-in-law was bemoaning the fact that so much girls' stuff is pink and tizzy, so I made her this pinafore (for my niece) out of some black corduroy that I had left over from Patrick's stuff. I bought the red fabric as a cheap fat 1/4 for $3, and I already had the pattern. I was originally going to turn up the contrast at the hem as a facing but I liked the way it looked so left it hanging. The top of the back has the red fabric as facing too. The pattern has a ribbon closure at the back, but I used a black "frog" that I had left over from a maternity cheong sam silk top I made for a wedding. I had fun with this, and it turned out pretty good too. My s-i-l was thrilled and my niece looks super good. I can't believe it only cost me $3- my s-i-l tells me people think it's some designer thing that cost a mint.

I also had this floral cor hanging around- can't even remember what i bought it for, so I made it into some trousers for my niece. The green cord is again a remnant from Patrick's stuff. My niece's name is Stella, so you can see a bit of a star motif coming through (I thought it may have been too literal for my s-i-l- she's a sculptor, very artsy, but she doesn't mind).

Finally, to finish off I made her some onesies out of (shock, horror) non-pink fabric. Again, this was all stuff I had sitting around, so it didn't cost me a cent, and my s-i-l is thrilled with the result. I kept one of the striped red and white ones for Patrick that the stripes didn't quite match up on. I figure that I mighth be able to use them all for v2.0 so when Stella has finished with them I'll get them 'back' (not that that was my motivation, btw) even though they were all, essentially, free.


Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

Wow, you've been busy. That black corduroy dress is so cute.

30/8/08 13:37  
Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

Oh, I forgot to say that the apple green hoody with the guitar lining sounds cool!

30/8/08 13:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

unreal! i just made some pants for the twinkle and appliqued a onsie to match... must post photos... you're inspiring me to get busier with the sewing although i find it hard to understand where you find the time with the hours you work.

30/8/08 16:50  

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