Friday, August 29, 2008

Hobart photos and vid

This is the amazing West Hobart Train Park which is apparently good enough to come all the way from Denmark for. We turned up there and found a huge gathering of press and policemen and thought, nah, fuggit, we're going in. The royals are about a metre behind my back as I took this: fortunately the Danish security people kept all the press at the gates so you can't really tell from this photo just what a fishbowl we were in. Pat had a ball here- there's lots to see and do. Unfortunately we didn't have a tricycle for him to ride: there's a painted on train 'track' complete with railway bridge and signals to ride around to the left of this photo.

W.on.der.suits. This is the largest size they make (2) and the only 'footie suit' they make that fits paddy for sleeping in. He looks so cute in it...
Dad's messy 'study' where I wrote the rambling and very ingenerous post about my parents. Whilst I was writing it, my dad was walikng Pat around the back yard...

Patrick throwing a tennis ball for Molly, the old dog, in the backyard in Hobart.
In the cutest hat- my mum bought it for him.
This is the view of Mt Wellington from my parent's front verandah
In the snow on Mount Wellington. It started to really come down about 5 minutes later- there was about 5cm of snow on the top of the car in about 10 minutes... Ok you northern hemisphere types can snicker, but Hobart is the only capital city that regularly gets snow.

Finally, this is a video of the truly awesome Parliament street slide- I remembered this from my youth, when it was made of metal and much faster, but Patrick loved it. When we arrived I immediately rethought the idea as way too dangerous for Patrick- he's too little- but when I turned around to look for him to take him home someone said "He's at the bottom" - he'd already loaded himself up and gone down, completely fearless. We stayed here for about half an hour: by the end of that time he was absolutely buggered- as was I (there are 36 steps to the top, and I had to carry him up the last 10 every time he went down). If you ever visit Hobart (and I sincerely recommend you do), be sure and visit this slide. It's in Parliament street, near Fitzroy gardens. And completely free of charge. One of the many reasons I love Hobart.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you've inspired me to go back. we talk a lot about taking the twinkle to hobart. it's about time we made it a reality.

30/8/08 02:03  
Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

That park with the train looks fab! I can't believe Patrick was fearless enough to go down that slide. Good for him.

30/8/08 13:37  

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