Saturday, September 13, 2008

you- what???

I've said before I'm much more enjoying toddlerhood than newborn. Patrick is so much more responsive, easy to please and demonstrative. On Friday we bicycled down to the dog beach so Patrick could see loads of doggies, and there was this moment when we were walking along, hand in hand, Patrick babbling away to me and gently, oh so gently stroking my fingers, and I thought to myself- this is such a precious moment, I hope I can remember it forever.

But there are, of course, moments when his ambitions far outdistance his abilities. He'd love to be able to blow bubbles with the bubble wand like me, but he can't work out how to do it and ends up getting cross and storming off. He'd very much like to be able to jump off the ground, but just can't work out how to turn the gravity off. He'd like to be able to push daddy's lawnmower around to make the grass fly up in the air, but isn't strong enough to push it (we have a push mower, not a power mower. We're not that dumb).

One area in which he is rapidly improving is his language. Most days he picks up at least one new word- today's word, for example, was 'dip' (as in, you dip the bubble wand into the bubble mix). He usually prefaces his wants with Peeshe (please) or at least 'ta'. Sometimes we also get a 'tengoo' (thankyou) once we've handed something extra good over (normally an uncapped marker pen and some paper). When we were in Melbourne, he learned 'train'- Melbourne's excellent public transport system is one of the reasons it is consistently voted one of the world's most liveable cities- and now he applies it to pretty much any item of mass transit from actual trains to ferries and Kombi vans. He often points out things of interest to him in books or on tv- duck, cat, plane, moon, baby, ball, bubble, balloon...

And then there are the words that he says that I have absolutely no idea what they mean.

Conversation held in the back yard whilst taking in washing today, about 4.30 pm:
Patrick:"Lolo, peeeshe".
Me: "What do you want?"
Him: "lolololololololo...peeeeshe"
"Sorry Pat, what was it you wanted?"
"Lolo. Lolo. Lolo. Lolo."
Concerned look on my face "I still don't get it"

Him- staring straight at me, serious tone of voice, s-l-o-w-l-y

"LO-LO". [pause]."Peeeshe"

If any of you have any idea what he was talking about, I have a paid position here as a baby translator. You can stay in my study (since I never get in there anymore) and we have plenty of clean sheets and towels.


Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

The only thing I can think of is lollypop? Has he ever had one of those? Sorry, I would probably be fired as translator. I'm wicked good at deciphering really bad spelling though - years of teaching students with learning disabilities.

13/9/08 23:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha! you are so obviously not a melbournian! we are all angry at how crap our public transport system is. but i'm glad it taught patrick a word.

14/9/08 05:46  
Blogger jen said...

I figured it out this morning- yogurt. I was pouring some out into a container to take to work adn he got all excited and pointed, "lolo!".

(Low-low kindof sounds like yogurt. Kindof).

Heh- it's not the spelling that needs work here but handwriting- MrT is terrible!

Oh, and you haven't met bad public transport until you've lived in a regional centre, honey. Sorry, but Melbourne PISSES all over our transport.

15/9/08 00:04  

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