Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grooovy baby yeah!

Patrick and I were in the other day- yes, stashing up- when Patrick pointed at something exciting, and, I swear to God, said "Oooooh- Groovy!"

Spring is definitely here- today it had reached 28 degrees by 1030 am and Pat spent most of the day amusing himself playing in one of those giant plastic clamshells filled with water and stuff from the kitchen (plastic measuring cups, a colander, a funnel, stuff like that). (Our clamshell once belonged to one Mr RJ Hawke. Cool, eh?)

Actually we "had" to go to spotlight because most of the onesies he had last summer are way too small for him, so I'm making a new batch, as well as some more lightweight pants and things for hot days- thank god it's going to be cooler for the next few days because what with him playing in the water today we basically have very little left for him to wear if it was going to be that warm again.

I know, riveting stuff.

V2.0 now 11+4/40. Scan Wednesday.
Now here's the photo for Pat's 21st birthday party invitations:
cute bum.


Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

That's hilarious - the photo for his 21st invitations!!!

I love the clamshell pool. How cute.

The fact that he said "Groovy" is groovy. Teo says "Cool!" but I think "Groovy" is way better.

Happy Spring!

29/9/08 20:38  

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