Wednesday, October 01, 2008

hello v2.0!

scan=all good. Whee!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


(so a total stranger, but still happy for you)

1/10/08 09:35  
Blogger E, M, and the Little Man said...

Hurrah!!!! Congratulations and now you can be at peace.

P.S. I'm a bit jealous that you have a 12 week old baby in your uterus. :)

Has the nausea passed?

2/10/08 06:16  
Anonymous Matthew M. F. Miller said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! And it's so funny you wrote "Wheee" because Constance and I have determined that's what our baby says in the womb. It just looks like it's saying, "Wheee" every time we see it.

We just hit twelve weeks yesterday … looks like we're on the exact same schedule.

2/10/08 08:15  
Anonymous J-Le said...

hello v2.0!

3/10/08 15:35  
Anonymous torrie said...

So happy for you!

8/10/08 05:44  

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