Monday, December 31, 2007

A man who likes cats can't be all bad

(An old old photo).
I sometimes wonder what kind of man Patrick will grow up to be. Will he love sport and be able to tell you in minute detail why Andrew "joey" Johns is the greatest footballer the world has ever seen? (Hopefully not). Will he find religion and vote conservative? (I really hope not). Will he grow his hair and spend his time trying to change the world? Maybe.

This morning as I was giving him a quick feed before work, our cat, Meg, jumped up into my lap. Patrick pulled himself off and said excitedly "Egk. Egk". and then, after a bit of thought "Megk. Megk".

So his first words weren't Mama or Dada (he says both but not in any useful context), but the name of his "big sister". He loves Meg. He thinks she is just his best toy. He often laughs in delight as she skitters away from him in fright after he tries to pull her tail. She has actually scratched him on a number of occasions, the worst being when the scratch went perilously close to his cornea. But this doesn't seem to worry him.

So, at 10 months, Patrick is a man who likes cats. I think his future doesn't look that bad.


Anonymous J-Le said...

the twinkle feels the same way about our cat. i've told k i think the twinkle's first word will be snuffy.

31/12/07 16:23  
Anonymous CresceNet said...

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Blogger Tex's Missus said...

Hi, was browsing profiles for burmese cat lovers and stumbled upon your blog - I really enjoyed reading your posts. (Your son is absolutely adorable._

Happy 2008 !


2/1/08 02:58  

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