Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Cheer

Mr T is working night shift this week. He got home today at about 10 to 9, having forgotten all about Patrick's daycare Christmas Party that started at 9. We scurried to get ready and were in time to see Santa arrive. Tas commented that he wore gumboots. Doesn't every Santa wear gumboots? "It's to get through the snow" I said. (I'm sure it's been said time and time again how ridiculous it is having a midwinter festival in the middle of summer, but let's just say Santa looked mighty uncomfortable, and it wasn't even that hot. Gives him a rosy-cheeked glow)

Anyway, Patrick met Santa, and despite our predictions, he didn't cry! He was quite astounded by the whole thing.

(mmmm, tasty present. Like the new suit I made him?)
After he met Santa, Patrick had fairy bread for the first time. Imagine having a taste of something for the very first time in your life: I mean, Patrick has just started drinking some water in the last few days- imagine never having drunk water- wow.

(eating fairy bread)

The party was just too cute. Lots of tiny kiddies playing and being fascinated by the 'miracle' of Santa. My favourite was a boy who, having spotted Santa started yelling out "It's Santa, It's Santa; it's ... Christmas!!"

Patrick's crawling is going sooooo well. He's also walking hanging on to my hands. It's like he's had a little developmental hiatus and now he's catching up BIG BIG BIG time. He won't even sit down to have a bath! Part of me glows with pride and the other, more practical side is freaking out about how unsafe our house is- in terms of unsafe for our cds, books, my cello, the bentwood chairs, the wine collection!

I imagine life will never be the same.


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