Saturday, November 24, 2007

I've been busy

It's been a hectic last few weeks.

Firstly I did a week of night shift which was quite memorable for the cases we did, and also the fact that during the day I actually got more sleep than I ever do on nights! Unfortunately, being the only anaesthetist on in a hospital with a busy emergency department and a delivery suite that never sleeps meant that I didn't get much time to pump (I'm sorry, let's not fix that hole in your aorta just yet, I need to go express) and this had two consequences: first, we bought a can of formula and Patrick had some supplemental feeds from that; second, all my pregnancy hair has fallen out (ok, at nine months I shouldn't be too disappointed).

This week came on top of another three days of work so I did about 88 hours for that fortnight. And the fortnight just gone I worked about 60. So much for part-time! I have spoken to our roster co-ordinator and said that I didn't think this is what I had agreed to . We're a few registrars down, so there are a lot of holes in the roster that need to be filled, and I just am the medical equivalent of spak-filla. She's compromised, though, and next week I only have to work monday and tuesday mornings, as well as all day wednesday, but not wednesday evening as originally posted.

In addition I have been busy at home- we were running low on pants that fitted Patrick, so I thought I'd take some inspiration from etsy... and, it has to be said, MermaidGrrrl,
and made some funky trousers. They're actually really, really easy and take about an hour each: ie you can whip some up whilst the offspring is asleep...
I also made a onesie out of the 'guitars' fabric. He's wearing it right now...

This is the royal blue spotty trousers in action: quite the groover.
"heya ladies... wanna sit on my couch..."

I also made a skirt for myself. It's a crap photo, but it's shiny red under black and two appliqued dragonflies. That wasn't too hard, but it took well over a week to finish with interruptions.

Finally, last weekend we went down to Sydney to visit the aquarium at darling harbour. Patrick had a ball: we were there for a little over three hours and he was rapt from start to finish and crashed almost as soon as we walked out. It was expensive, but I can thoroughly recommend it as a great day out with a baby (not just the sydney one, obviously. I'm pretty sure any aquarium of size will do as long as it's not piss weak).

Finally, we have a termite invasion in the laundry. They've probably been attracted by the leaking laundry sink pipe- another thing to fix... grrr...


Anonymous J-Le said...

love the guitar fabric

24/11/07 17:01  
Blogger Mermaidgrrrl said...

Super cute pants! It's sad that I'm inspiration, yet have achieved very little myself *sigh*

Seth loves big aquariums too and is utterly mesmerised by the fishies.

26/11/07 02:21  
Anonymous minnie said...

most excellent pants!

im going to make some but am nervous about the elastic part...

26/11/07 14:56  

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