Monday, November 05, 2007

I thought I was efficient before...

How motherhood has changed me. I was always able to multi-task to within an inch of my life, but the efficiency has just cranked up a whole other gear since Patrick was born.

It is about 1115am. Today I have:
-been at work for 8 hours (night shift, if you're thinking what the hey...)
- washed up, boiled and dried all of our bottles, ebm cups and breast pumps
- done two loads of baby washing and hung them out to dry
- started making a flat sheet into a fitted sheet (they only had the flats on sale- 600 thread count- mmmm, luxury)
- been for a 2km swim
- showered
- breakfasted
- pumped about 800mL of breast milk (he's a hungry boy)
- checked my email

That's good work, IMHO!

Now I'm buggered so I'm going to bed.


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