Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mr sSneaky

It's fairly common for babies to have quirky little rituals they go through as they're breastfeeding. One of the least pleasant I read was a baby who pulled his mum's armpit hair as he drank. Thankfully Patrick isn't quite that adventurous, but he does have a habit, especially when tired, of trying to wiggle his fingers into his mouth as he's sucking. He starts off stroking either my boob or his own cheek before the fingers, whistling innocently, walk their wiggly way down his cheek and then try to sneak into his mouth. It's cute but frustrating, especially when he detatches himself and then gets cranky at me when the milk stops. I call it 'sneaky fingers'. So I'm quite used to little sneaky hands walking all over my boobies.

Then he moved into a face exploration stage. He has always been interested in my mouth, and one of our games is that he puts his fingers in my mouth and I suck while he tries to remove them. So when he started exploring my eyes I wasn't really suprised.

What did scare the bejesus out of me was the other morning he was feeding in bed and I was kinda dozing when ka-zoinggg! A sneaky little index finger inserted itself up to the knuckle into my right nostril! A perfect fit, it was a good thing he didn't try it a day earlier when it was absolutely chock-full of gluggy green snot.

He just wanted to do some exploring. Either that or I'm really going to have to start watching my bad habits. Next thing you know he'll be yelling 'cockhead' at someone who cuts him off in stroller traffic.


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