Friday, September 14, 2007

The agon-etsy and the ecst-etsy

I am indebted to the twinkle's mum for introducing me to etsy. I have spent every minute not working or looking after Patrick perusing the wares. I love both the 'geekery' section

as well as the baby onesies, like this one

But it has to be said there are many categories I haven't yet visited, so much stuff waiting to be seen.

But it all looked so cool! There must be some tat there...

I found it. Unsuprisingly, under the 'weddings' category.

Are you ready? I'll let the seller describe it to you first.

"Mock Wedding Cake. The three-tier cake measures 12" wide by 15 1/2" tall and is made up of five rolls of toilet paper, four cotton washcloths, four cotton hand towels, and one toilet bowl brush. The cake is decorated with white organza and lace, yellow silk roses, pink and white silk roses with dew drops. On top of the cake orchids surround a white toilet bowl brush."

Are ya ready? All yours for only US$45 plus p&h...


Anonymous minnie said...

really... it's quite.. you know... er...

14/9/07 23:16  
Anonymous J-Le said...

i'm so impressed that you posted a photo of the nerd alphabet flash cards. i looked at them yesterday and read them all out to special k, chuckling like a nerd.

15/9/07 12:49  
Blogger jen said...

what's even sadder is I'm seriously contemplating buying them to decorate Patrick's room. Geek is in his genes, after all

16/9/07 17:12  

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