Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The other child

In the last 48 hours I have spent nearly $1000, but none of it fun.

Firstly, deposit and several weeks upfront of daycare fees for Patrick.

Secondly, grocery shopping.

Thirdly parking fine (at the pool- the first time in 6 months the parking meters have been working- grrrr).

And finally, on our 'other child'. If you look at my archives, you'll see our beautiful Burmese cat Meg featuring highly. She was our child substitute as we battled our many miscarriages. Poor Meg now has very much taken a back seat to Patrick. To add insult to injury, our new house was 'owned' by an aggressive blue Siamese who isn't about to give up her territory to Meg, so Meg often is attacked as she goes about her- eh-hem- business.

Two months ago she was in a fight that ended up in three large abscesses on her flank and back. She needed operative drainage.
Since then, the abscess on her back has recurred twice, so yesterday she underwent an extensive exploration and debridement of the area. She's in quite a bit of pain, poor lamb.
This is the ugliest $570 I've ever spent.


Blogger montchan (MJ Bliss) said...

Oh! such a poor baby!!! Our cat is going for surgery next week, and it just breaks my heart.
Hope Meg will get better soon!

21/8/07 08:51  
Blogger Mermaidgrrrl said...

Did you add the smiley face or did the vet?
LM got a parking fine last week and I'm still cranky. $75 gone for nothing! At least you did your $100/hr gig to pay for all your expenses. Thank god for your good job!

21/8/07 15:17  
Anonymous J-Le said...

i reckon the vet drew the smiley face shortly after tallying up the bill...

21/8/07 15:25  
Blogger jen said...

Sorry to disappoint j-le but the smiley face is my own handiwork. Makes her look less raggedy.

21/8/07 19:32  

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