Friday, August 24, 2007


I was leafing through the TV guide and came across an ad for a "collectible" plate dedicated to Shane Warne "The King of Spin". Yours for just $280 plus 19.95 p&h. I've Googled it but can't find a pic to link to (I don't think the target market understands the interwebs. There wasn't even an online ordering option on the ad- who'da thunk it?).

That led me to Google the makers of said plate- The Bradford Exchange. Their merchandise is the last word in truly awful. I invite you to spend a memorable and fulfilling hour perusing their wares (when you can tear yourselves away from your infants). Time well spent.

I'd love to do an installation piece of a home furnished entirely with crap from Magnamail. I love that shit. Just don't expect me to buy any.

One of my favourite places in the universe was Fred and Myrtle Flutey's Paua Shell House in Bluff New Zealand. Unfortunately Fred and Myrtle have gone to the big Shell house in the sky and the house is no more, but I am reliably informed that the collection has been moved to Christchurch for preservation. But it's not the same- a six hour detour to the far south of the south island just to see this house was one of my 'must do' New Zealand things ('thungs'). [I don't think I have mentioned before that I am a complete Kiwiphile. If I was offered NZ citizenship over Australian I'd probably take it. It's not just the female PM, it's that NZ still doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. And is beautiful and 'big' enough to stand up to the USA. Plus Mountain Buggies and the Jolly Jumper are NZ made, too.]

But onto more tasty matters: the introduction of solids is now in earnest (instead of just an amusing diversion) and we have branched out from rice cereal, rice cereal and mashed banana, rice cereal mashed tofu and tomato paste to mashed potatoes and mushy peas. And guess what's coming out the other end? Mashed potato and mushy peas. Mmmmm. This has meant an increase in the number of baths we're taking- first to clean out the under chin creases (to prevent growth of 'cheese') and then to clean up the 'poonami' that results.

These are some photos from the bath an hour ago...

Very tasty. Edible.


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he is adorabubble!

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