Thursday, September 06, 2007

Notes from a small island

All rugged up for the snow

Even though it's supposed to be the same temperature here and in Sydney, somehow it always just feels colder in Hobart. I'm here for a week to earn some big money doing a shitty locum job in one of the private hospitals. And considering they are paying the airfares, I'm happy to take their cash.
Yesterday we went out bushwalking at Mount Field National Park. It's probably the place where I have done more bushwalking than anywhere else, save the wineglass bay walk. It's a really lovely spot. We forgot to bring the Macpac baby carrier, so knowing that the track around Lake Dobson was fairly flat we set off with the Mountain Buggy, thinking we'd turn back as soon as the track became impassable with a stroller. Well, it didn't: hooray for the MB! I now feel a little justified in having the MB seeing as how it really is the 4wd of the stroller world, and just as wanky, but I just don't know that we would have been able to get around this time with anything less rugged.
Us walking around Lake Dobson in the snow. Richea pandanifolia in the background. Myrtle and deciduous beech forest. Beautiful.

Patrick in rapt contemplation of Russell Falls... which looks like this...

Today I have to catch up with all my mum's friends (wa-hoo) as well as work the night shift. Patrick is coping ok but he just now had an hour-long scream fest when I tried to put him to sleep. A whole freaking hour. My mum has come and removed him from me: if I had been at home I would have put him in the car or the stroller by now to get him to sleep.

Tomorrow we'll go to Salamanca and visit the in-laws.


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