Friday, September 21, 2007

photos and stuff

Reet. Bumper crop of photos.

First: yesterday morning, me in the hammock looking up at one of our jacarandas.
and then joined by Paddy, who liked the look of my camera

eating corn thins
Today, I was out hunting breastmilk bags at the mall. He fell asleep, and I was suddenly struck by his resemblance, unfortunately, to the spawn of Satan, Tony Abbott
but then he woke up and he was his own smiley self again
This is a demonstration of his mobility. This took the time it took me to take in the washing.
Finally, I'm not really sure how to fix this because I'm rather dense when it comes to technology. So I'll ask you all to turn your laptops on their sides or lie down on the couch on your side all comfy. Cause here is the man doing his thing in the Jolly Jumper.


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