Wednesday, September 19, 2007

two totally unrelated things. no make that three.

1. I guess I'm really a mummy now.

There was a sticky clear substance on my laptop. I swiped it off with a fingertip and sniffed.

In addition to the squirty milky spots, bits of chocolate and mashed banana there is baby panadol on my computer.

2. Something that really shits me is seeing people drinking takeaway coffee through the liddy thing. No-one used to do it until we saw photos in the trash press of 'celebrities' in the US doing it. Please, people, you look like toddlers with sippy cups! If you're old enough to buy your own coffee, you ought to be old enough to drink it like an adult!
(And nothing against trash press, btw. Do I read proper grown-up medical journals whilst I pass gas? Hell no, I hide a copy of NW in a textbook and read that!)

3. Patrick has conjunctivits and is barred from daycare until it clears up. Ewww, pus-eye. Hopefully it won't clear up by Monday and I can have a day off work. Whee!

(Actually numbers one and three are related. By the Panadol. Oops. What the hell. I'm tired)


Blogger Mermaidgrrrl said...

Sadly, I love the sippy lid and wish more grown up drinks came with them. I also cannot drink flavoured milk without a straw. I am one of those "messy people" who manage to tip half a coffee on their new white shirt within three seconds of getting it in my hands, and with a sippy lid I only spill a third of a coffee so it's much better. Now I just need to find a pub that does cocktails with sippy lids and I'm set!

19/9/07 22:48  

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