Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Patrick recovered at absolute warp speed. He is now easily the healthiest person in the house with both me and MrT still suffering from a heavy cold. (Mine got so bad my ears clogged up and I got an inner ear infection- first since childhood! And for the record, it hurts like hell).

My stuff has started arriving from all around the world off etsy... every day brings a new package. It's great!

Winter has ended with a bang- it was 36 degrees here yesterday. Thankfully it was only 18% humidity so it wasn't too awful, but it reminded me of last summer, heavily pregnant and laid up on the couch for days on end, unable to move or even breathe.

And finally, I do not approve of Christmas decorations in October. It's still 3 months away... that's like a quarter of the year


Anonymous minnie said...

thank goodness. that was a very scary sounding thing.

3/10/07 19:04  

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