Thursday, November 15, 2007

More photos

Taken today- bath after a massive poo (that contained legible text- god knows what important bit of paper he ate) that got all over him and me (share the love, Patrick...)

and monday
How considerate- my new anaesthetic machine has a handy port for recharging my iPod. Very thoughtful of them.

Finally, this is a photo taken today

and 35 years ago.
Is there an eerie resemblance or is that just me?


Anonymous J-Le said...

yep, he's definitely yours!

16/11/07 16:26  
Blogger drinknerd said...

(aka Vim from screamything)

1) legible text! genious!
2) (the real reason I'm writing)
I _need_ that yupyupyup .... chicken ringtone that you mentioned on the screamything comment.

25/11/07 21:08  

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