Saturday, December 01, 2007

Creepy Crawly Crap

On one of their visits, Mr T's parents brought with them 'Stanley'- a fabric python about 10 feet long and about fifteen centimetres in diameter that had been MrT's as a child. At first I thought "what the hell are we going to do with this ... thing" but it soon proved its usefulness as a barrier to put around Patrick's play area to stop toys going too far as well as to limit his bumshuffling range. It worked-beautifully-until today.

The little routine that we have had is I wake up with Patrick and then he sits on his playmat whilst I quickly have a shower. It works normally pretty well, as Patrick is at his chirpiest and brightest in the mornings, and at least I can start the day smelling pretty.

But today, it has all ended.

We got up, I put Patrick in the centre of the Stanley circle and went to the loo. When I popped my head out of the door before washing my hands I saw Patrick metres away from Stanley, about to tumble down the stair into the kitchen.

When we bought this house a year ago we were impressed by the open plan lounge/dining/kitchen area, as well as a huge open deck (bigger than most of the rooms) and it was one of the reasons we bought it. I can now see that these will be quite difficult to 'fence'- we're just going to have to move lots of stuff and do things like not leaving plastic bags in the hallway. I'm also going to have to (shock, horror) put my laptop in my study- Noooooooooo! This will mean less time on the interwebs. Nuts.

Additionally, I had always thought that I didn't want a house full of toys strewn everywhere. I now know that this will be nigh on impossible, unless I spend every moment Patrick isn't around tidying up. Even the big blue bucket we bought to store his excess toys in isn't out of his range anymore, so messy (-er) house, here we come.

Life is about to radically change.

Laydeez of the interwebs: enjoy your babies before they are mobile!!!

And now, for your entertainment, here is MrT changing a nappy.


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