Sunday, February 08, 2009

My heart was singing in time too

Every 12 months or so I get the urge to drive down to sydney with the express purpose of just going to ik.ea. So it was today: I had additional justification: a friend who is 37 weeks heard that i was thinking of going down and she asked if I could get a few things for her. (I wouldn't relish the idea of 2 hours on the F3 in late pregnancy. I mean, what if you went into labour... at Wyong?). And Ike.a + Nesting = Carload of shit.

When Patrick was very little, car travel was oh so easy. A few mobiles, some singing and a boob at either end. Perfect. As he's grown he's taken to staying awake and demanding more and more. I guess this can only turn into "Are we there yet" in the future. So I loaded up with snacks, books for him to read (thank you Maisy mouse for perfecting the art of 'lifting the flaps') and some approppriate music.

Ahh, music.

I'm one of those fools you see singing loudly and proudly at the lights: ("Taaake onnn Meeeeee, Taaaake meee Onnnnn, I'll Beeee Goone, In a day or ... TWOOOOOOOOO", "Out on the wild, windy moors we roll and fall in greeeen", "Flicker flicker flicker flicker (etc) here you are, cata cata cata cata (etc) caterpillar girl") so it shouldn't come as any suprise that Pat has grown up listening to music of all kinds in the car. Only as he has grown older, he has become more demanding of what he likes. Over and over and over again. We had a good selection of Put.umayo kids stuff, but I got bored with it and got some more traditional kids music, but, seriously, the wheels on the bus tend to turn freakin round and round ALL day long. But a day or so ago, in the car, he demanded "Music" but didn't want either of those. Nor did he want triplej. In desperation I turned to ABC Classics. Bingo! Silence in the back seat.

So today I took my pod, thinking that he could have two and a bit hours either way of whatever he damn well wanted, and seeing the success of the ABC classics, I immediately put on Carnival of the Animals. Well, doesn't my heart swell with pride that not only can he hear a lion roaring in the chromatic scales of a piano, but he can hear elephants swaying in double basses, the slow dignity of the turtle, kangaroos jumping, fish swimming and birds chirping, but he was joining in with Eee-awww s of the donkey and requesting "More fish! More birds! More Lions!". The cuckoo got him confused because he thought I was saying "Kooka" (as in kookaburra) and he did his very cute cooka call (e-e-e-e-ooh-ooh-ooh-a-a-a) instead of quiet "Cuckoo"s with me. He didn't quite get the fossils, or the jackasses, and I personally hate the swan because of bad childhood experiences with flute lessons. Nor did he get why I chuckled at the introductions "Elephants are useful friends, equipped with handles at both ends; they have a wrinkly, mothproof hide; their teeth are upside-down, outside. If you think the elephant preposterous, you've probably never seen a rhinosterous" but he had a great time.

But just as we were coming home, for a bit of variety I put Put.umayo back on. There is a lovely version of "You are my sunshine" that I love to sing along to, dedicating it to the small guy in the back seat. And today, he was singing with me. Not every word, but every third or fourth "Suhshine, suhshine, happeee,grey, dear, you, take, awaaaay". And I just about nearly died from a bursting heart.

Speaking of which I borderlined the 50g glucose load and have to go back friday for the full 2 hour job. Erk.


Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

I heard Take on Me in the car today and was singing it at the top of my lungs. I love sharing music with Teo. He seems to love it.

Are you affected by the fires?

10/2/09 22:03  
Blogger jen said...

No, thankfully, we are a long way away from the worst of them (there have been smaller, much less destructive fires locally- the kind you just get used to in summer here, like flies and the cricket season). J-Le lives much closer, although they're kind of diagonally opposite Melbourne to them- probably 100km or so away. She can probably see the smoke.

Am I affected by them? Well, in the sense that we are all shocked and saddened immensely, yes, I'm affected. As I say, bushfires are kind of the norm for the Australian summer and as long as you live in the city, they don't really impact that much, apart from smoke and road closures. But this is something ,else. The scale of the loss of lives and towns just simply wiped off the map is horrific. I heard that 20% of one town has died. That's appalling.

10/2/09 22:24  

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