Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm giving it away! It's all got to go!

I did mention a PIF before, but it just keeps getting better...

One of the major jobs of my days off was to start preparations for Patrick to move out of the nursery and into his own bedroom. The room that is to become his is currently nominally my study, although I tend to move whatever I'm working on out to the kitchen so I can watch Patrick or talk to the other half, so the room is basically a repository of my ... crap.

So I'm having to rearrange most of the house to make way for places to store my ...useful materials and books. That means that lots of the stuff I have kept a hold of for a long time (well, two years since we moved here) is either going to have to be given to Vinnies OR... given away to YOU!

So stay tuned. I'm going to take some photos once I've finished cleaning out and then whoever likes the stuff the most gets it. Yay!


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