Friday, November 21, 2008


I noticed in the last 24 hours that the internets seemed very slow. Turns out this month we have exceeded our download limit and are stuck with dial-up until at least Monday, so I won't be either uploading or downloading any photos or videos.

Nor will I be able to listen to the radio. Ever noticed the Radio National link down there? I grew up spending (it seems like) most weekend afternoons in the sewing room with my mother listening to radio national as we showed- The Goons, The Radio Play, The Feminist Perspective, John Cargher's Music For pleasure and Singers of Renown, Awaye, The Science Show and all sorts of other things. I just can't sew unless I'm listening to someone tell me interesting and not-so-interesting things (in my later adolescence and early University years I knew it was time to go and study when Singers of Renown came on). I usually listen to a weeks' worth of Life Matters, interesting bits of The Science Show, The Health Report, The Law Report, All In The Mind, Ockham's Razor, Background Briefing, Lingua Franca, By Design, The Spirit of Things and anything else that looks interesting. But now I actually have to listen to live radio?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i tend to listen to abc local (previously 3LO) which has imported all the old community radio/JJJ djs to meet our specific demographic.

but i also like a bit of Deutsche Welle on news radio.

22/11/08 16:05  
Blogger jen said...

Steve Cannane was actually doing Radio National breakfast there for a while and he was gooooood. Daniel Browning and sometimes Rhianna Patrick and Michael Turtle do Awaye. Frankie Leach who used to do 3 hours of power used to host something on RN (a late night art show, i think)Funny how all the JJJ dj's end up either or local radio or Rn, eh? Shows we're getting old. They actually recycle some of the stuff from Hack as bits of Life Matters or occasionally on other programs, and are playing 'Wide open road' (the rock doco) simultaneously on both JJJ and RN.

We tend to listen to JJJ in the morings and for incidental music; I play local radio in the car if Pat's not with me (remember Maynard F# Crabbes? He's now just plain Maynard and does our local radio. He once interviewed me at the gym whilst I was on the treadmill (this was a looong time ago) and I had one of those real 'starstruck' moments before I thought to myself- hang on, it's Maynard, the original DAG- get a grip!) and RN at home- like I said, when I'm doing stuff.

OMG. I'm turning into my parents! Thank god I still watch commercial TV (my folks can't pick up the channel 9 equivalent in Hobart and it bothers them not one bit. No, dad doesn't even watch the cricket anymore, because it's, y'know, not on the ABC and therefore no good... )

22/11/08 21:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've had three starstruck moments with maynard. i LOVED him!

i called him on the radio once many years ago and clammed up and couldn't think of what to say.

another night he was guest DJ at the nightclub we used to go to and he gave me a $20 drink card for wearing an orange hawaiian shirt the same as his - a complete coincidence, i swear.

then just a few short years ago i was organising the melbourne marching girls for mardi gras and we had an 80s theme and all the young girls didn't really get it, so i brought in my maynard book "complete guide to dag" or something for them to look at. they didn't understand why i thought it was so funny. then on the night of mardi gras we were the pre-parade entertainment in taylor square, leading a guinness book of records attempt at the largest group dancing the YMCA simultaneously. maynard was the MC and he interviewed me and i was beside myself with excitement and i was trying to explain about how i'd used his book as inspiration etc. i'm sure he thought i was high.

and to bring this comment full circle back to the original post, a photo of me in my costume looking like a hot pink drowned rat (did i mention it was lashing rain?) doing the YMCA ended up on the radio national website.

23/11/08 00:58  

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