Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's cuter than cute?

The internets are faster again, not sure why, but I like it. I've catually finished the sewing projects I set out to do in this weeks off biz, but stashed up again at Spo.tlight- I had a $40 off voucher burning a hole in my handbag... I bought some stuff to make wraps for Copernicus/Thallium/Claudius/Phosphate - stretchy red polka dots with a stripe backing and some flannellette with sharks on it. Cute sharks, that is.

Anyway, back on topic...

I met my friend M at breakfast the day before I went into labour with Patrick. She was due the week after me, and her son L is about two weeks younger than P. She's now also expecting a second, due about 6 weeks before Enthalpy. L and P (also a delicious and refreshing drink- World Famous in New Zealand)(eh-hem) L and P have thus grown up pretty much at the same time, and we meet up at least once or twice a week. I didn't realise that L and P knew each other quite as well as they do until about a week ago, when we met up at a park for some playtime, and the boys started cuddling each other. And kissing. When we were walking back from the park Patrick was lagging behind (looking at beetles in the grass or somesuch) and L called out "Padwick! Padwick!" until P ran to catch up.

Yesterday we walked to the beach for some sand play, and L and his parents arrived a little later. When Patrick spotted L he started jumping up and down with joy, and as the two boys met, they gave each other a big cuddle.


I'm pretty sure patrick is not going to absolutely relish the idea of giving up his rights to my full attention once Avagadro arrives, but I now feel secure in the knowledge that once he gets used to the idea, he will be a loving and affectionate big brother. Which just makes my heart swell with joy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yes, Avagadro, i like that one

23/11/08 00:49  

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