Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pregnancy 2.0

20+2 weeks.

I'm starting to relive many of the dramas encountered with Paddy's gestation, but with a certain sense of nostalgia. Mixed with arthralgia. But thankfully not the almost obsessive checking for signs of miscarriage.

Remeber this fun?

1. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The sacroiliac joint is the joint between your sacrum- the large vertebra at the base of your spine- and the ilium- the part of your pelvis that gives rise to most of your buttock muscles. It's basically where the 'hip bone connects to the back bone'. Stability of this joint is responsible for you being able to put your weight on one leg as you swing the other leg through as you walk without the rest of your body sliding to the ground. So it should come as no suprise that instability of this joint causes major hassles. Pain hassles, mostly, but also sitting, standing and laying down hassles. Kneeling hassles, too. Basically any position where you body is required to be attatched to your legs. Like all the time.

This was a huge issue for me in the last few weeks of my previous pregnancy, and at it's worst I could barely put any weight on my right leg at all. It's already started. I can't carry Patrick and walk at the same time. Already. F@#k.

2. Swelling. I've been aware for about the last week and a half that my fugly outdoor clogs have been feeling a little snug. Then I stopped being able to wear my oxblood mary janes. Yesterday I tried to take my wedding ring off. I wake up most mornings looking like a 'before' shot for a detox programme, only to have the fluid slowly drain throughout the day to any dependant areas like my feet, ankles and hands. Probably also my bum, but it's already enormous so who would know. So far, touch wood, there is no sign of the dreaded Carpal Tunnel, but it's probably only a matter of time.

3. Tummy. Oh tummy tummy tummy. Bigger and better than ever. Most people assume I'm hittin' thirty weeks already. Nope. I was getting the washing out of the machine today and realised I had to stand side on to it because I couldn't get close enough with my tummy hanging out the front. I can't quite judge the distances I can squeeze through anymore (I tummy brushed a guy in S.pot.light today). Itchy, swollen and good for balancing things on. Oh tummy tummy tummy.

4. Weepiness. The other day I listened to a news report on people fleeing the strife in the Congo, and when I heard of women clutching children to them and running for their lives I had to pull over and turn the radio off. Normally anything that involves mothers and children elicits a strong reaction from me, but these days it's almost visceral.

5. Cravings. It was chocolate milkshakes with Patrick. This time it's chicken. That's not so bad except for one thing: I'm supposed to be a vegetarian.

6. Ahh, the sweetness of... fetal movements. Right now there is something going on down on the left side near my hip bone. Don't know, but it feels like he's trying to paint the walls with a long roller brush.

7. Vivid, weird dreams. I had this dream I worked in an office with Brad Pitt- it wasn't like I've ever really had a thing for Brad (either in RL or in my dream), but there he was. We used to give him shit for being such a himbo, and our office nickname for him was "Fluffy" because he was so cute and cuddly, just like a wittle puppy dog. Nothing untoward happened, it was just really vivid. Then last night I had a dream I was invited to an aquaintances' wedding, and my mum tagged along, got really drunk and started slagging off the other guests very loudly whilst making an absolute glutton of herself. I had a big fight with her about it, and woke up feeling totally worn out.

8. Forgetfulness and clumsiness. Ooops. Umm, what? Sorry. (stumble trip). Eh? Bugger.

Luckily Paddy is for the most part a neat freak and he likes to pick things up that I drop and give them back to me. It's cute, but today he also complained because there was "String on my train"- a stray cat hair on one of his carriages. Which he handed to me. And watched to make sure I put it in the bin for him. Odd, very.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh god, SI joints... you could go a lifetime not knowing such a joint exists, until you have a problem with them. then you know all about them.

you've made me feel all nostalgic for pregnancy now. which is kinda silly.

29/11/08 03:56  
Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

It's funny the different complaints and ailments of pregnancy. For me it was heartburn, insomnia, and wicked sciatica toward the end.

I was a vegetarian for 10 years prior to my pregnancy with Teo. I craved red meat which I usually wasn't fond of. I decided to keep eating meat through breastfeeding, and now I'm just a carnivore.

I think a belly shot is in order. Humour us, would ya?

29/11/08 14:33  

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