Wednesday, January 21, 2009

O is for Ossim

I will admit to feeling a little more optimistic about the world now that there is a new US president. And no-one can deny it is a historic moment, and hopefully, a historic presidency, and not for all the wrong reasons.

I look forward to the world being a better place, maybe, if the big O can deliver on the speech. Except for maybe winning against terrorists: I mean, not that I hope they don't, it's just that, well, not many other countries with a terrorism problem ever really triumphs over all their threats, and the US has, well, just so many targets that, well, I just think.... "by 1990 no Australian child will live in poverty". Yah, right.

But did anyone else notice the beast they call "Cadillac One" had its hazard lights on? I mean, just in case you happened to take a wrong turn and hadn't noticed the enormous motorcade and gazillions of personnel you might go "Oh heck, Mabel, I dang nearly hit that swishy automobile- good thing the driver had his hazard lights on and all".

On another note, Paddy just had maybe what was his biggest dinner ever- two veggie sausages, half a plate of steamed broccoli, a heap of mashed potatoes and a bowl of ice cream. I even felt full watching him.

And yesterday, best haircut in a year. Short choppy bob with loads of bright red chunky strips. Sh-weet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

best haircut in a year? i only get one haircut a year!

what was the secret to getting paddy to eat that much. did you not feed him for a couple of days prior?

22/1/09 00:39  
Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

How do you deal with the fading when doing red chunks (especially with all the sun you Aussies get)? I used to do them, but they would fade to a yucky orange, and I just couldn't put out the cash to do it every 4-6 weeks.

Maybe Paddy is turning a corner on the eating situation? Let me know. I would like to know if it's up ahead for Teo.

Yeah, the Obama thing is cool. I didn't notice the hazard lights, but that *does* seem very unnecessary.

22/1/09 20:32  
Blogger jen said...

I have NO idea what it was that got him to eat so much. Today he ate hardly anything, despite me serving up all the favourites (noodles, cheese, strawberries, yogurt) so it was sheer chance.

The hair- well, my colourist is awesome, and I also sometimes just retouch it with some cheap supermarket dye when it fades out. I have been lucky the last few times it has faded out to a nice copper, so it looked intentional. Av.ed.a- that's what the colourist uses, and it seems to go well.

All that sun? Well, here's the thing: whenever people go to Tasmania (the most southern of the Australian states (read- cold) they always get sunburnt. Why? Because it's cold enough that you want to be IN the sun. Up here, it gets so super hot (37*C today with 70% humidity- 37* being normal body temperature, whatever that is in F) that you will do everything in your power to stay OUT of the sun- eg today I walked the long way back to the car even though I was tired and hurty and Paddy was grumpy because that way we kept in the shade. Whenever you do venture out in the sun, it's "no hat no play" for everyone (well, unless you're a backpacker on Bondi beach- and then we all snicker at the burnt to a crisp Brits trying to keep up with the 'Nordic but naturally tanned' Swedes and Norwegians), so all in all, my hair doesn't get THat much sun!

23/1/09 02:49  
Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

OOh...98 degrees F is very hot. I can see why you'd keep out of it. Especially when pregnant!

SS lived in Australia for a year doing some post-graduate study, and at the tail-end of it, toured around with some friends in a camper van. They saw some brochure for Tasmania and it showed it all sunny. When they got there, it rained the entire time, and they were camping. They also were plagued by leeches! Some locals told them how much it rained there, and they felt duped by the brochure. That was my sole impression of Tasmania, until I started reading your blog.

24/1/09 13:24  

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