Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time flies

...when you're having fun. Or are crazy busy. I promise to post the photos of my stuff soon. Promise. Hopefully tomorrow.

feet now too swollen to wear 'old faithful' black clogs.
conjunctival oedema in the mornings makes me bleary eyed.
nothing fits properly anymore. Nuts.
But really enjoying it. Seriously. 21+5/40

It's hard rubbish week, and living in a more affluent suburb, there is some great stuff out there. Pity we are trying to declutter. But we did get a fantastic blackboard/easel for Patrick that just needed a bit of new dowel (too literally one minute to fix), and a ride-on car thingy. We would have kept kerb trawling but Pat was getting tired and ratty. And much as we love it, the hasn't exactly got the largest cargo area, esp with pat's baby seat precluding laying down of the back seat.

We are off on a baby-free holiday on Wednesday: I feel somewhat guilty about this but I'm rationalising that if I boobfeed Galileo for as long as I did Paddy, it will be close enough to 2 years before we get to do it again. 2 YEARS. I had meant to organise this ages ago, and was originally thinking, like Broome or New Caledonia or Sea Kayaking Abel Tasman in NZ but we are settling for
A Holiday on the Gold Coast
Where people dress in pink
It's a Holiday on the Gold Coast
You won't feel the need to THIIIIINK

My reason is that we could fly free courtesy of several years of accumulated frequent flyer points, and waht i really wanted was to be able to laze in an awesome pool for days on end without having to keep an active toddler entertained. Hence we are going here. It looks like an awful concrete monstrosity- the kind of place I generally avoid like the plague, but the pool looks ossim. And we got it cheap on wotif.

Right. Really need to go prepare the house for the outlaws.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

does the pool have a bar that you can swim up to and order a pina colada?

8/12/08 02:00  
Blogger jen said...

oh yes indeed :)

9/12/08 14:53  
Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

Niiiiice. I'm relaxing just looking at the website of the concrete monstrosity. Will visit back frequently.

I like Galileo. You should keep that one. ;)

9/12/08 20:11  

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