Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Old bras needed

One of the disadvantages of breastfeeding for so long was that I was sick of the very sight of my old maternitty bras, and whilst they are still in good working order, I'll splash out and buy some new ones. But what to do with the old ones?

I came across this mob whilst shopping for a new (non-maternity) bra.

From their website: "Disadvantaged women in the third world often live without a bra... A new bra, if available, can cost 10-30 hours' wages, beyond reach for most. Rashes, fungal infections and abscesses (intertrigo) occur between the breast and the chest wall. Bras will help... Sports bras (for farm work), and nursing bras desperately needed... the biggest sizes are the most needed and are the hardest to get. Every bra donated will become the only bra a particular woman owns... Since 2005, Uplift, through Rotary Australia World Community Service, has sent bras through secure channels, making sure they get to the women who need them without compromising their dignity".

The website says their current stockpile is full, however, its useful information to tuck away, and I've got a bagful to send once they are again accepting donations. The website has a list of drop off and postal addresses to send/take your old bra to.

Don't know if anyone outside Aus does this, but surely there must be... The website says you can post your bras direct and gives addresses in Fiji and PNG.


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