Wednesday, February 28, 2007

much better, thank you

Much more sleep was had last night. And I'm feeling much better, too. Thank God it was hyper-acute.

And thank God for breast pumps.


Blogger Clare said...

First and foremost – congrats on your little fellow.

I remember missing my belly too and I also remember that wonderous feeling of a better nights sleep (actually I still enjoy it!) – and I am glad you are feeling better in this post. It sounds like maybe a bit more than a case of the baby blues to me. I remember the baby blues and I remember depression and in my experience they aren't really the same thing. Certainly the baby blues was erky and grey- but maybe not this erky & black. (does that make sense?) If you have had depression then there it is probably (a) a good thing to get yourself some extra support and (b) you know you will get better which is extra good. There are tons of places that can support you with it if what you have is a case of PND here in Australia – so reach out and use ‘em. It is what we give John Howard the pin number for!

28/2/07 18:29  

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