Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Adventures of Heavily Pregnant Woman

0130: Get up, have a pee
0330: Get up, have a pee
0530: Get up, have a pee
0545: Listen to husband getting up to go to work
0630: Get up, have a pee
0700: Get up, have a pee, put on swimmers
0730: let cat out for pee. Drive to swimming pool. Say hi to little old ladies. Have a pee.
0745: Do 1500m swim. Get out. Have a pee and a shower.
0900: Get home, let cat in, have a pee. Have breakfast. Have a pee.
1000: Have a pee. Check email.
1100: Have a pee. Try to do online education and discover College still hasn't sent out password to log onto modules. Get so upset that get urge to pee.
1130- oh, around 2-ish: Listen to podcasts and sew. Pee. Lunch. Pee.
1400-ish. Pee. Nap.
1500. Pee. Get the guilts about having done nothing all day. Write 'to do' lists. Realise have only 10 days before due date. Hyperventilate. Pee.
1600. Pee. Walk to supermarket for dinner ingredients. Come home. Pee.
1700: Watch trashy game shows and figure if game show host is actually a lawyer, I can aspire to be a travel show reporter. Realise I can't be a travel show reporter and mum of a neonate. Cogitate on all the things I can't do now a mum. Wonder how two year old would cope with Annapurna circuit walk. Or maybe just, y'know, the Kepler Track. Or strapped to a sea kayak. Pee.
1800: Watch trashy 'current affairs' shows (*sure* the lady taking the polygraph has *no* bad feelings towards Schapelle Corby). Think about wasted day. Pee.
1800-1930: Wait for phone call from husband to say he's on his way home from work. Pee. Make dinner listening to podcasts.
1900-2030: Husband gets home, goes for swim. Pee.
2030-2130: Eat dinner. Pee
2200-2330: Get into bed. Get out of bed, and go pee. Get back into bed. Read chapter of book until eyes close. Start to nod off. Need to *&^%ing pee. Pee. Sleep.

Riveting, isn't it.


Blogger Torrie said...


14/2/07 19:38  
Blogger jen said...

Hell yes, looks like it.


Your bump looks lovely, btw. Just gorgeous, neat and cute. Bless.

15/2/07 23:32  

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