Friday, February 09, 2007

I am the Worry champion of the world!

I am a mass of worries.

Last night I was woken up by some amazingly painful stomach cramps. I've got a bit of the irritable bowel, so I'm used to having bad 'wind pain' but this was something else: I mean, it's never woken me up before. I lay there in bed feeling my tummy and thinking, well, maybe this is actually labour. But my uterus wasn't tightening like with Barxton Hicks. About an hour later, I woke up and have basically had bad diarrhoea ever since.

Now I'm worried this is going to bring on early labour (although at 37+6 it's hardly premature!).

I'm worried that this would mean the in-laws would have time to come and see the baby (like they have been threatening to do) before they jet off to Tassie (God alone knows that it's way too far to fly from, say Hobart to Sydney, on a 90 minute direct domestic flight, the type you can get on sale for, say, $99 to come and see your new grandbaby once you have flown from Canberra to Hobart... I will never understand these people and how their son turned out so normally).

Yesterday I was worried because a class from the special school crossed the road at the same time as me and I looked at a young woman (probably 17 or 18) laying in her wheelchair with flexion deformities and a bib and thought: maybe an elective cesar is the way to go... even though I know intellectually that cerebral palsy is most often caused by repeated hypoxic in-utero events than a single episode of bradycardia during labour. Then I worry about all the times early in the pregnancy when I was so convinced that it too was doomed to miscarry (and at an 80% likelihood, not without reason) and I kept excercising until I was wheezing, and worry if these were enough hypoxic episodes.

I have bought birthday presents for my neice and nephew, and I'm worried they won't be 'right'...

I'm worried about what I'll do with mum when she comes to stay (although she's bringing her !!lawn bowls!! and plans to go visiting the local clubs).

I'm worried about just how much more weight I'm going to put on.

I'm worried that the horrible carpal tunnel won't go away post-partum

I'm worried about the part two exam and my inability to get my shit together re: module 2 and the formal project



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