Sunday, December 31, 2006

No posts for an entire month then two in one day...

We have moved house. I think this may have contributed to the BP, with all the stress and in-laws.

Anyway, the new house is lovely, but the best thing is all the birds in the back yard. We have nesting nearby and frequent visitors a family of magpies, some Kookaburras, some noisy Mynahs and an occasional flock of Rainbow Lorikeets. That with my new Hills Hoist, and I feel thoroughly Aussie-suburban!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw your post about bring a recurrent miscarrier on "a little pg" & about being on extra prog support & it not helping. I'm also a rc but had success (after 6 years & many losses) with a combo of metformin, massive doses of prog and heparin. Not sure what your immune issues are & not sure which tests you've had but if you want I'd be happy to talk about the specific protocol that worked for me and where to find what exactly to get tested for. How can we we email without me posting my email publicly here (assuming you want to talk)? (sorry I'm an internet idiot)
Either way I'm really sorry for what you've been through. I know how heartbreaking it is firsthand & I wish it never happened to any of us, much less more than once.

2/1/07 22:12  

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