Monday, October 30, 2006

No cribs, no frocks either

I went to where I expected the Maternity wear section of a large department store in one of our bigger shopping malls to be the other day, only to find it replaced instead with Christmas paraphenalia. Confused, I asked a shop assistant where I might find the daggy leggings and unflattering tops.

"We close that for Christmas", she said

"Oh!" - the only response my befuddled, bewildered, hormone ridden brain.

Walking out it struck me that with what, nine weeks to Christmas, Mary would have been what, 30 weeks at least (give or take a few for prematurity or over for primigravidity- or at least 'young womanliness' depending on which translation you read).

Poor Mary. Forced to birth in a stable, no crib for a bed, and presumably poorly fitting pre-pregnancy baggy tracky dacks to wear. The invisibility syndrome strikes again.


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