Saturday, August 19, 2006

random random random hell hell hell

Blah. Progesterone brain. Not the most suggested condition to be in two weeks out from a hideously expensive and important exam.

Random thoughts.

1. If the freaking Prime freaking Minister can say sorry to Vietnam Vets, why the HELL can't he say Sorry to Aboriginal Australia for generations of genocide and poor treatment? I'll tell you why: because they're BLACK. Freakin hypocrite.

2. An embryo does not a child make. Hell, I should know. I've had 4 in the past year and I'm still waiting. Stem cell research is important.

3. How the hell does our child sustitute cat Meg know when T is coming home from work- given he drives a Prius at low speeds (ie electrically) down our street?

4. My ex-boss gave me a hard time in the tea room the other day at work. He said "You're going to PASS the exam this time, stop all this messing about and get on with it". Sorry, Sir, but what part of three miscarriages in twelve months exactly constitutes "messing about"? How DARE he. I felt intimidated and threatened by him. Hell, that's workplace bullying. I should know- I had enough when I was surgical.

5. It was such a nice day today that after we came home from viva practice we went to the park and spent ALL DAY laying in the sun, eating strawberries, reading the paper and snoozing. It was quite the nicest day we have had in a while (well, ok the NTT day was great, but not nearly as relaxing).

6. I have a subserosal fibroid on the anetrior surface of my uterus. It doesn't interfere with peanut. But it does confirm i have turned into a NANNA. Lol at myself when I realise I am sitting at the laptop, listening to Wolfmother, typing into my blog... and wearing FLUFFY SLIPPERS. Embrace the inner nanna, I say.

Thank you, that's all. Hell, that's all.


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