Thursday, July 20, 2006

The last week, the longest week

Last week. Well, a lot happened in one short time.

On Friday I got a call from my obstetrician to say my Anticardiolipin antibodies were elevated. Not by much, but some. And that I should from now-on take an aspirin a day. I rang my husband to tell him the news. He was at work and looked up my results for me. He looked at the progesterone, which hadn't been back when the Obstetrician called. It was low. I called my Ob back and told him the grrreat news.

Cut a long story short I next find myself walking through the hallowed portals of Sydney IVF. To get extra progesterone.

Three days later my progesterone had doubled, and I felt like a wreck- more symptoms than ever before. And a small exam to sit. A small $2300 exam. With a head like cotton wool. And nausea. And three hours of not thinking about how nice it would be to pee.

And now, I have convinced myself the only reason I haven't started bleeding is that my pregnancy has died, but the artificial progesterone is stopping me from bleeding. Of this I am utterly convinced. The only way to unconvince myself would be another ultrasound.

I am working tomorrow. In ICU. We have an ultrasound. I have a plan...


Blogger Torrie said...

How are you doing? The suspense is killing me.

27/7/06 13:31  

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