Monday, June 19, 2006

Yee-hah, here we go again (Or the family of Uncanny X-Men)

I neglected to mention that whilst in Adelaide, I was again pregnant. I also neglected to metnion that a week later, I wasn't.

I'm not going to mention that I am again pregnant; double striped this am. I have a horrible feeling I won't be this time next week.

This will make me G5P0. That I know of, of course; who knows the number of times I have actually been pregnant and then miscarried at 5 weeks. The irony is that until I wanted to get pregnant, I never really paid my period much interest. Now I can tell you, pretty much to the hour, when it is due. My GP asked what my cycle length was and I told her 28 and a half days. She laughed: I was serious.

We have had our genes counselled, and are awaiting our karyotypes to see if we are mutants. T is quite excited; he wants to be Hugh Jackman (I'd be quite keen for him to be Hugh Jackman, but that's another story altogether!). If it turns out we have balanced translocations this will mean one of three choices: 1. give up. 2. Continue naturally, and have CVS (with 1/100 chance miscarriage) to test the conceptus once we get a few weeks. The third option is IVF with them making 5 day embryos and then checking their karyotypes and then implanting the good ones (if any). There is a tiny risk we have gonadal mosaicism so our gametes are mutants but our own karyotype will be normal. That would suck.

Right now I have somewhere between 50 and 80% of miscarrying this one too. I'd love to be optimistic, but the plain facts just don't back this up.

Every now and then I have odd irrational thoughts along the lines of "We should start trying to have a baby!", and then I realise, oops, yes, that's what all those HPTs have been about. It's crazy that it should be so easy, and it's so very very HARD.

Now some photos to keep you amused.


Blogger Torrie said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you.

16/7/06 13:28  

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