Friday, August 04, 2006

up, down, up down... and then some

Ok so everyone told me that all those hormones would play havoc with my emotions, but I wasn't really prepared for the combinations of hormones AND uncertainty. (Just naiive, I guess- so many brains, so few clues). The last two progesterone levels I have had done have fallen from the initial high. By some 20ng/L; a more than 25% fall. Of course I start freaking out- it was all my fault: I tried on a (eh-hem) maternity sack at Target (pronounced, of course, like my mum "Tar-jette") by mistake. (Ok so I was buying a new Trackie; where else do you get a trackie that will fit my rapidly increasing girth? Not Juicy Couture, that's for damn' sure).

So again I got all teary and started sneering at women with babies, moaning that i would never join their ranks. The kindly midwives at the clinic offered to do me a test today to put my mind at ease.

Of course my Pg is now higher than ever!

Tomorrow is week 11. Tuesday week is the Nuchal Translucency Test, which I have already set myself up is going to be horrendously large, and I will have to undergo CVS, I will be the 1 in 100 to miscarry after it, and the peanut will be Tri21 anyway so my risk next time will be way way high. Nothing like covering all the options, eh.

I remember telling my school principal in year 12 that a pessimist is never disappointed. She didn't get it. (She was a very dull woman).

Just to change the topic, I originally set this up as 'volatile gas world' because 1. I'm full of hot air 2. I'm vegetarian and 3. I work with volatile agents (ok, so 'volatile gas' is an oxymoron, so sue me) all day- both the chemicals and the people...

So here's a VGW moment- last week I (very, very cautiously) anaesthetised a lovely old person with an open upper limb# who had spirometry of 0.5/1.1. I gave her a TOTAL of 75 mcg Fentanyl intraop. This is in contrast to the (get this) 150mcg bolus (of Fent: not Alf or Remi or Suf, plain old 20 minute Fent) they gave her in the ER to try and reduce her fracture. The ED notes read "observe for signs resp. depression". Really? You THINK?

Man there are some cowboys out there.


Blogger Torrie said...

Still sitting here with my fingers and toes crossed.

5/8/06 07:53  

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