Monday, August 14, 2006

Peanut. Self- explanatory. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous torrie said...

Have i mentioned how excited I am for you?

15/8/06 06:43  
Blogger jen said...

Thanks, babe. I know how galling it is to have someone else get pregnant when you can't. My sister-in law, and the two closest friends I have in this town all fell pregnant whilst I was trying and losing, trying and losing. But trust me: YES, I KNOW HOW TRULY LUCKY I AM.

And happy birthday for Thursday... by 'due to' does that mean that maybe you *won't*?

Hope Dr Torrie takes you out somewhere nice and showers you with gifts and affection.

And I reckon your thirties are way better than your twenties. Seriously. You are more self- assured, independent and just, well, older and wiser. I was scared about turning thirty, but then I realised, hey, no biggie.

But 40 is freaky scary!

15/8/06 15:41  

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