Monday, February 19, 2007

"double clicking your mouse"

I'm taking a huge risk writing this post, because my mum is about 5 metres away from me sitting on the deck. I'm soooooo busted if she walks in, right now. But this is a subject close to my, well, umm....

If you Google "Pregnant Masturbation" you actually don't just get porn, but do actually get "Is it safe to...?" type Q and A.

But no-one else has actually said how, ahh, difficult it is.

Not that I have much of a libido anymore; maybe if I did I would have realised a little sooner, or gradually, that, well, things are kind of out of reach. How do you get past that belly bulge exactly? Maybe just having a partner who is not on either nights or evenings would help. Or bad carpal tunnel.

The scariest thing: I thought up this post as I was sitting through our department's morning meeting. On quality indicators in Anaesthesia. On the other hand, maybe that's not so suprising after all....


Anonymous J-Le said...

you need to go to one of those nice girly "adult" shops and ask them - i'll bet they've heard the question before and have just the tool/tip for you!

21/2/07 02:21  
Blogger Brynne said...

You'll figure it sounds like you have no choice!!

22/2/07 18:59  

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