Monday, February 26, 2007

baby blues

Women of the blogosphere, enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy. Now that Baby P is here, I miss my belly. I miss patting it and rubbing it, and in a strange way, I feel kind of 'empty', like a shell. Although I can now see him and hold him whenever I want, there is such a special bond when your baby is inside of you, growing. Enjoy it as much as you can; as a pregnant woman you are a special being, a glowing, mystical beautiful thing. A new mum is just another mum.

Right now, I'd take my SI joint pain, my symphysis pubis pain, the breathlessness, waddling, carpal tunnel, trigger fingers, reflux, lethargy, sleeping interrupted by weeing over my case of the 'baby blues' any day.


Anonymous J-Le said...

hang in there

27/2/07 11:53  

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