Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who turned up the gravity?

I am so tired. I complained to my T this morning that someone must have turned up the gravity because I couldn't even lift my arms off the bed. When I had finally got up, done some washing and a little housework I thought I had better read the paper laying down in the cool upstairs because it is hot today. Two hours later I was woken up by a strange snoring noise (mine).

Kaz Cooke has nailed it for me by commenting that at other times of your life you just push through the tiredness, but now your body is not your own and as hard as you try, you will find your feet pattering down the hallway to your bedroom to have a little sleep...

I am so overjoyed to be up the duff finally, but man, is it taking a toll! Already my boobies need their own postcode: I have had to buy two new bras as none of my old ones fit. I haven't radically changed my diet (except for eating a whole slab of tofu every day to keep up with protein) but I feel so bloated and huge.

Please tell me it gets better!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

distant friends and little girls

I just had a very satisfying yak to one of my best friends- young Ms L. Now I don't know about the rest of you folk out there, but to me the good-ness of your friends has nothing to do with how often you see them or meet up for coffee, but the fact that you can call them at random times and just pick up from where you left off... Your good friends are the ones who still like you after you have both grown and changed over the years. Ahhh... I remember once coming home from a catch up with her in the park when for once were in the same state at the same time, and my mum had her two best girlfriends over for lunch and a few chardies. They looked at us and we looked at them and we all thought, "oh yeah, this is us/her in 30 years' time". (My mother's friend then fell down the front steps after one too many chardies... "Ooops, tumbled over" to quote Bridget Jones (or should that be Helen Fielding- ohh, there's another one for the 'favourite books bit!).

Actually that leads into a conversation I had yesterday about the seemingly genetic predisposition for all female children between the ages of say, eighteen months and 8 years to wear exclusively PINK in all its shades. Now my little neice Lilah is a victim of this and her parents are nice, alternative hippy types, but Lilah is such a ... GIRL! I said it was because there is a secret radioactive wave being put out by the Howard Government to turn all the next generation of girls into stay at home mums ("Come on all you Bridgets!" was the PM's rallying cry to women of my generation- have I mentioned how much I hate the Howard government?). Maybe it is just the tail-end of the rise of 'raunch culture' (which, apparently, feminism is to blame for, too). Actually, maybe there was an early trial of the secret wave thingy on N*&^k Island when I was a wee baby; my lovely parents who, despite being good catholics, were quite forward thinking for their time, and decided that my brothers wouldn't have guns and that the girls wouldn't have dollies. That was until my Dad observed my older sister (who was just a tiny 2 year-old) making beds and clothes for wooden clothes-pegs (yes, the old-fashioned variety) with her little handkerchiefs (aww, too cute ... and pathetic in a way, too) with absolutely no provocation (no TV on N*&^k Island in them days either).

And yes, the next day he went out and bought her a dolly.

By the way, does anyone know about N-methyl substitution and potency of catecholamines? I'm getting conflicting answers from my textbooks. Just for a slight change of pace, that is

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

oh that little meg

We have a beautiful but annoying burmese cat called Meg. She likes to talk to us and add her comments in to our conversations. She likes tummy rubs and milky goodness, but also loves our vegie food- carrots, tomatoes, beans... she likes the lot. But she likes above all other things... company. She hates it when we go to bed during the day (say for example if we're working ... night duty...) and will yow at our door for hours on end. Sometime I swear she is saying "Mum! Mum! MuuuuuuuM!). My dear other half is working tonight and she has just spent the last hour yelling at the bedroom door to get him to "wake up and come play!". I have tried to shut her up by paying her lots of attention, but, oh no, there's someone in the house who is not paying her attention! It is like having a furry toddler, I swear (except docs won't come to the door if we only feed her chicken necks... ewww)

Ooooh, I just made a blog

Hello world, I just made a blog. Look mum, I'm on the internet!

This is where I get to tell the world about my fairly average life... maybe someone will take some interest, maybe not...

I just finished night shift at the little house of Gas we like to call an operating theatre. I do the gas part- I am an anaesthetist (Anaesthesiologist to those of you in the US.... no, I am NOT a nurse....) hence the blog title. And having just finished night shift means... I AM MANIC and incredibly tired all at the same time, made worse by my recent beta-hcg test ...... (another ellipsis...)