Tuesday, January 10, 2006

oh that little meg

We have a beautiful but annoying burmese cat called Meg. She likes to talk to us and add her comments in to our conversations. She likes tummy rubs and milky goodness, but also loves our vegie food- carrots, tomatoes, beans... she likes the lot. But she likes above all other things... company. She hates it when we go to bed during the day (say for example if we're working ... night duty...) and will yow at our door for hours on end. Sometime I swear she is saying "Mum! Mum! MuuuuuuuM!). My dear other half is working tonight and she has just spent the last hour yelling at the bedroom door to get him to "wake up and come play!". I have tried to shut her up by paying her lots of attention, but, oh no, there's someone in the house who is not paying her attention! It is like having a furry toddler, I swear (except docs won't come to the door if we only feed her chicken necks... ewww)


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