Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who turned up the gravity?

I am so tired. I complained to my T this morning that someone must have turned up the gravity because I couldn't even lift my arms off the bed. When I had finally got up, done some washing and a little housework I thought I had better read the paper laying down in the cool upstairs because it is hot today. Two hours later I was woken up by a strange snoring noise (mine).

Kaz Cooke has nailed it for me by commenting that at other times of your life you just push through the tiredness, but now your body is not your own and as hard as you try, you will find your feet pattering down the hallway to your bedroom to have a little sleep...

I am so overjoyed to be up the duff finally, but man, is it taking a toll! Already my boobies need their own postcode: I have had to buy two new bras as none of my old ones fit. I haven't radically changed my diet (except for eating a whole slab of tofu every day to keep up with protein) but I feel so bloated and huge.

Please tell me it gets better!


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