Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm 'not allowed' to post on FB about this, so I'm going to say it here:

Ollie just did the most amazingly HUGE poo. He has been grunting and straining all morning and just now he burst into tears and started screaming. I took him to the change mat and pulled off his nappy to find just THE most enormous poo. It was easily 4 cm in diameter at its widest point (about 1 and 2/3 inches). It would have hurt MY bum coming out.

He did a similarly sized poo over the weekend, and now I fear he has a fissure again. This is a vicious cycle because the more it hurts, the more he avoids letting it go so the harder and more compacted his poo gets until it is so massive it just has to come out and he tears again. We went through this last Christmas and he ended up not only massively constipated but also with a urinary tract infection.

Poor love will be getting stewed prunes again, plus suppositories and coloxyl. But on the up side he can have as much juice as he can drink!


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