Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is it better or worse if the stuff I am coughing up is from my nose or my lungs?

Ok so I'm having a sick day. Pretty rare for a doctor, I know.

The good thing is I've been able to cross off a few things on the 'to do' list like emailing Nerine and getting our flights to Fiji put on our frequent flyer numbers. Oh yes, didn't I tell you? We went to Fiji a few weeks back. I'll get around to posting some photos... in another lifetime, maybe.

Enny hoo...
When Ollie was about 4 months old, they changed the packaging on my favourite brand of boob pads. Gone was the friendly smiling woman I felt like I'd come to know, as we gazed at each other at all hours of the morning, me in my bed, she on the bedside cabinet. She looks like a woman you could have a yack with. Sure she's a model, but she's got a nice, open face. And a kind of "Oh, Honey- breastfeeding? Man that gave me the shits" look on her face. And I loved the half-assed slogany thing "They Work Beautifully". Like "In the marketing division of Rite-Aid we have absolutely NO IDEA what a nursing pad is, and we really don't want to know either". I suppose "Engorged Boozies Love our Cushies" is a bit out there, really.

But now, this woman.
Can't relate to her at all. First of all, she's asleep. What? You have a baby! You've got no time for sleep!

Secondly- her long, wavy, blondy hair. Who has time to look that good? Meh. Do Not Like.

Finally the soft glowy focus. Maybe it's the dawn light softly stealing up on her as she finally falls asleep only to be woken by the harsh sunlight coming in through the blinds and an overactive 3 year old running in "MuMMY! Rubbish Trucks! RUBBISH TRUUUCKS!!"

Rite-Aid: I'm ready and willing. Anytime you want. Here's my practised 'harried mother' look bound to earn sympathy and purchases:

And, oh Buggerit. A gratuitous shot taken in Fiji of the beach we played on every day. Just to evaporate any lingering shred of pity you had felt for me.


Blogger E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Love the harried mother photo, and jealous about Fiji. More photos, please!

18/8/10 19:43  

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