Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Farewell my furry friend.

Patrick and Oliver's poor, neglected "elder sister" died today. She had an operation on her tummy to find out what the lump was that probably had something to do with her not eating much for the last week. It was cancer. She woke up after the operation, but died a few hours later.

I remember seeing somewhere about how a cat is like the soul of a house, and I think, for the good cats I have known, it is true. Because right now, at 0045 am I am sitting on the couch alone. With no nice warm friend to wrap herself into my lap and purr and purr and purr to welcome me home. I will miss her fuzzy head bumping gently against me, trying to distract me from studying by imploring me to pat her.

Thank you, Meg, for all the love. We will miss you.


Anonymous Eilis said...

Vale Meg.

7/7/10 20:11  
Blogger E, SS and the Little Man said...

Oh, I'm sorry. She sounds like she was a very loving cat. I will be so sad when our Blaze goes.

7/7/10 21:45  

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