Tuesday, May 04, 2010



I am obsessed with them.

Mostly because of this but also because one day on the pain round, the nurse who was with me that day suggested we play "zombie apocolypse plan" where you each have to come up with a survival plan and critique the other's to keep the boredom of the pain round away (she was way ahead of me. Waaaaay ahead.).

And then on Monday while I was at the public library borrowing all the kids stories on CDs they had (Patrick has discovered we can make up stories and requests them continually) I spotted this book and couldn't put it down.

But. The annoying scientist in me keeps insisting that zombies can't exist because of the need to keep our ATP-dependant Na+/K+ pumps going. And even if a zombie virus somehow made that process anaerobic, what about muscle excitation/contraction coupling?



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