Sunday, January 24, 2010

I love my netbook

I LOVE my netbook. I can tuck it into the back section of my handbag that normally contains nappies and take it to work with me. I'm loving being able to look up things relevant to work at my leisure instead of having to share a computer with the Orthopods, the nurses and everyone else. AND most of all I can look at sites that the work firewall bans, like this, because they have video content. (Like, OMG).

It's weird: I actually look forward to night shift because I sleep better during the day than at night because I'm protected from being woken up at home by MrT, so I get maybe 6 hours straight which I never would normally. And I also love being independantly capable of doing stuff. I mean, I love being a mum, but, hell, I love using my brain too.


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